Indigenous Peoples and Empowerment via Technology

  • Katalina Toth The Sacred Heart School of Montreal
  • Daisy Smith The Sacred Heart School of Montreal
  • Daphne Giroux The Sacred Heart School of Montreal


This article considers how increased access to communications technology could improve the lives of Indigenous peoples in Quebec. The authors describe the digital divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Quebec with respect to the speed, reliability, and cost of communications infrastructure, and how existing barriers can be overcome. The authors describe some ways in which the use of technology has already been incorporated by Indigenous communities to support education and healthcare, and how bridging the digital divide can be a tool to increase access to these fundamental services. Although technology is not a panacea, it has the potential, if implemented in accordance with Indigenous values, traditions, and goals, to empower Indigenous communities, particularly those in remote regions of Quebec, and alleviate some of the difficulties associated with accessing education and healthcare.

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