Thunder Finder

  • Kaitrina L. Harrisson
  • Organization: M'Wikwedong Youth Group
  • Carlos E. Sanchez-Pimienta
  • Jeffrey Masuda


This video is about a Métis youth’s (Kaitrina Harrisson) journey of self-discovery, specifically their
sexuality. Speaking of the past, finding inspiration; into the present, acknowledging their identity; and to
the future, carrying hope. They also speak about the help lent to them by the hand drum and grandfather
drum. Throughout the video, Kaitrina is heard drumming with the women’s and men’s drum circles they
are a part of. Kaitrina created this video through a research project entitled: Promoting healthy urban
environments for young Indigenous peoples: The case of M'Wikwedong Native Cultural Resource Centre.
The research team was formed by the M’Wikwedong Youth Group (Ryerson King, Kaitrina Harrisson,
Steven Schlonies, Nikita Jones, and James Schlonies) and the Centre for Environmental Health Equity at
Queen’s University (Carlos Sanchez-Pimienta and Jeffrey Masuda). This video displays a previous
iteration of the name of this project. M'Wikwedong recently changed its name to "M'Wikwedong
Indigenous Friendship Centre."

How to Cite
Harrisson, K. L., M’Wikwedong Youth Group, O., Sanchez-Pimienta, C. E., & Masuda, J. (2019). Thunder Finder. First Peoples Child & Family Review, 13(2), 9. Retrieved from

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