“Aboriginal Youth Gangs: Preventative Approaches”

  • Jane P. Preston
  • Sheila Carr-Stewart
  • Charlene Northwest


The purpose of this article is to describe programs and strategies dissuasive of Aboriginal youth gang involvement. Individual approaches target areas such as antisocial behavior, personal challenges, and negative thinking patterns. Family-orientated approaches reaffirm family values as a means to deter youth from gang association. Providing positive opportunities for youth to interact with community role models and to partake in community programs are also dissuasive to the proliferation of Aboriginal youth gangs. Although information herein is intended to tackle Aboriginal youth gang issues, it can also be useful in addressing peripheral social issues within communities, in general.

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Preston, J. P., Carr-Stewart, S., & Northwest, C. (1). “Aboriginal Youth Gangs: Preventative Approaches”. First Peoples Child & Family Review, 4(2), 152-160. Retrieved from https://fpcfr.com/index.php/FPCFR/article/view/169